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16 september 2008


Welcome to the Coconut home page!


This homepage tells the story of the family Åsdam from Oslo Norway and their travels around the globe on SY Coconut.


Coconut is a Contest 41 built in Holland in 1985 that has carried us safely across the seas. We who sail on her are a Norwegian/South African family of four; Lesley, Trond, Camilla (12) and Colin (9). We left Norway in 2005 and our big goal was to sail to Australia. We wanted to experience the pacific and to see the world together as a family.


The Atlantic was crossed in November 2005 as a participant in the ARC rally for cruisers, the whole of 2006 we spent in the Caribbean before sailing across the Pacific in 2007 arriving in Australia at the end of October 2007. We then headed for New Zealand to see our friends and celebrate x-mass while Coconut was hitching a lift with a ship back to Europe.


Coconut arrived in Ipswich, England on the 6th of April. She stayed on a mooring in the river Orwell kindly lent to us by fellow cruisers until June when Trond sailed her to Gothenburg. Here the Nuts where re-united for a summer cruise up to Oslo. It was a wonderful trip and we had some magnificent weather. We are all so happy about keeping Coconut, there are so many memories attached to the boat. She will now be our holiday home and escape capsule based in Oslo. The story continues...


Our trip has been an incredible adventure, never to be forgotten. One that has shaped our lives and who we are. Some of our stories and adventures you can read about here in our news letter library. Our photo gallery you'll find  here


Our latest news letters you will find if you click here


To see the music video click on the frame below. It reminds us so much of the pacific, and our friend Tom who passed away.


For Tom