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The trip:

The trip is a realisation of our big dream. Since we where small both Lesley and I have been dreaming about sailing where the weather is hot and the winds favourable - the Caribbean and the Pacific.

Starting in July our plan is to sail where it is hot and sunny. We will stay in the trade wind belt and see where that will lead us. Hopefully we will reach the Caribbean by mid December 05, go into the Pacific and sail the Galapagos and Polynesia and hide away in New Zealand or Australia for the hurricane season. After that maybe take the boat on a ship to Europe and continue from there. At present there is too much unrest and/or piracy in Asian and Arab countries.

 The crew:

Colin (6) and Camilla (9)  Lesley and Trond Åsdam.

Colin and Camilla will go to school onboard but we will try to enroll them in schools ashore when possible. They are both bi-lingual (Norwegian and English) as Lesley is from South Africa and Trond from Norway.

Colin and Camilla have sailed in Scandinavian waters before. Lesley and Trond have crossed the Atlantic many times together. But that was 10 years ago and before children.

Colin (6) at the helm in Son Norway

Camilla (9) on passage to Denmark


The  itinerary as it looks today - June 06

Everyone that has done a bit of sailing knows that nothing ever goes as planned. But anyway here is our large-scale game plan for the next two years;

May - June

Antigua - Short trips to nearby bays during weekends and school leave


Family trip for about two weeks before hauling the boat at Antigua Slipway to have work done.


Norway - holiday

September - November


December – January 2007

South to Grenadines and then on to ABC Islands


San Blas Islands outside Panama


Panama Canal and Galapagos


Passage to Marquiesas

May - October

The south Pacific Islands


Arrive in Cairns Australia

December - March

Cairns Australia. Overland travel

April - June

Cruising the Great Barrier Reef


Home to Norway

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