3 October - Cascais

( Lesley writing)

We are still in Cascais, awaiting news of what to do about my back! Ah yes, my back! that's a whole chapter in itself, but basically I have ischias, the nerve getting compressed by the disc. I lost feeling in my foot and could not walk properly for a few weeks. So now I get shots at the hospital everyday until further notice. The doctor will decide if I need surgery or not in a few days time, but until then I just have to lie down and take it easy. The hospital is great and I know all the nurses by their first names...and the taxi drivers! Thanks Vivian for all your help and your great meals you brought over to me everyday! The only night she had out on the town was when she sat with me very late at night waiting to get a ct scan! Wasn't that a blast!! We will have to do that again sometime(not).

There are quite a few Norwegian yachts here , and last week we counted 8 total. Some like Christiana, Empire and lille blå have since left, but more arrived today. Noravind had a "pølser fest" or sausage party on the dock as their visitors had bought with a ton of Norwegian sausages. We took up most of the dock and people had to step over pots of mashed potato and ketchup flasks. We postponed my birthday from the 1st October to the 2nd, as Trond was not back yet and the kids arranged a great birthday party on " Noravind" .They spent all day blowing up balloons and decorating   the boat. The kids all loved it as there was cake and sweets galore and afterwards they tried to pop balloons tied to their feet.

Cascais is a wonderful place to be and the town is very quaint with cobbled streets .There is a park across the road with ducks, rabbits, turtles etc and a great playground. All  the kids go there and play football and look at the animals. They have also spent most afternoons on the beach and Steinar has been ferrying them to and fro in the dinghy. Camilla and Ida went to the Zoo in Lisbon and loved all the animals. Camilla got picked out to get towed by some dolphins and they all got kissed by a sea lion since they sat in the front row. Lucky them. Colin on the other hand went with Johns family to the Lisbon aquarium and he loved the puffins and the "grumpy fish" which I am still not sure what fish he means.

For those who follow the racing scene, we have Brazil 1 , the Brazilian entry for this years Volvo Ocean Race right next to us on the dock. They have been extremely busy and we have watched the boat go from being just a hull on land to being a super speed machine on the water. Its just like a giant dinghy , but very extreme. They can get up to 35 to 40 knots!! That must be pretty scary when you are in the southern ocean dodging icebergs. They have a canting keel which they can move from side to side and they heel the boat over here on the dock and its just amazing to watch. Today they put their sails on and they are soon ready to go out and test sail.  The crew are super friendly, being a mixture of new zealanders and brazilians and Adrian ,the only woman onboard who is the navigator. Good on ya gal! We have decided to cheer them on as our favourite boat, so anyone in Cape Town first week of December, go and give them a cheer too!

This morning we were sitting onboard when suddenly it started getting dark and there was this strange light outside. I said to Trond that maybe the weather was deteriorating. We went out on deck whereby we were told there was an eclipse of the sun. This is what happens when you don't follow the news! Well, we were definitely not going to miss out on it , so we stood outside and watched it through my x-ray pictures. It worked perfectly

We were very fortunate to get some help to sail the boat to Lanzarote, so Mads and a friend from Norway should be arriving soon to join Trond. Mads has worked with me at Villekulla and has his own boat back home so  I am sure they will have a good trip. Lets hope nothing too dramatic happens. That you can read about next time.

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