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The time has come for Lesley to have back surgery. All the tests show that there is no way around it. Her disk is pressing towards the ischias nerve causing loss of feeling in her leg and foot. She will spend two days in hospital and a full four weeks to recover 100%. The big question for us is how long it will take before she can travel.The Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) leaves Las Palmas the 20.11!

The plan is as complex as the situation. Lesley's mum has arrived from South Africa. She will look after the kids and Lesley until next week. She will then fly to Norway with the kids and leave for South Africa from there. I will leave Wednesday, the weather permitting,  for Lanzarote. ( of cause a gale has been blowing from the south the last few days and I have two delivery crew onboard with limited time on their hands...) Our new engine is waiting for us at Marina Rubicon to be installed. Also being in Lanzarote makes it still possible for us to join the ARC if Lesley recover well. We will keep our options open...

After getting the yard started on the engine room work I will fly to Lisbon to be with Lesley before continuing to Norway to take care of the kids. From Oslo I will have to go to Prague to work for three days, then back to Norway to pick up the kids and head south to join the boat. At this time we also have to access Lesley's progress and make some decisions. If she has recovered well enough she will fly out to Lanzarote.

We are very thankful that Ann, lesleys mum, made it all the way from South Africa to help look after the kids and help Lesley. It would not have worked out without her. It also provided the kids with an oportunity to spend some quality time with Granny, and Ann got to know them a lot better. After all we only see each other once a year.

The yachting community has been amazing. Everyone offering their support in some way, their advice and sympathy. A couple of doctors have been through the marina all having a look at Lesley's back and supporting the local specialists view on what has to be done. The kids have been off on trips with other boats. We even came back to the boat to find homemade bread waiting for us from another boat.

Camilla and Colin has charmed Brazil 1 the Volvo Ocean Race contender. They are a really unique team. The best sailors in the world , enough Olympic Gold medals between them to decorate Coconuts bulkheads, but just really nice down to earth people. Camilla and Colin was concerned about the boat becoming to heavy to compete and decided to present them with a useful gift; sawed off tooth brushes! Ten toothbrushes lost their handles, where numbered and presented tot he crew with a letter of support. (see

Camilla onboard BRASIL1. The Captain, Torben, seems happy about his new toothbrushes...

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