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Our dearest beloved friend Tom died in a diving accident Saturday the 14 of July in Bora Bora while free diving.

We loved him so much and miss him terribly. He was Camilla and Colin's big brother, our best friend and always brought a smile to our face. He touched the heart of everyone he met with his personality, his smile and his enthusiasm. Tom loved the sea and sailing. He loved his boat "Magic Roundabout "and had a real passion for free diving. We met Tom in La Corona in September 2005 when he was sailing onboard his boat with his sister Alice. We thought they were such lovely young people and were immediately drawn to them.


Tom later sailed across the Atlantic with us on Coconut during the 2005 ARC regatta. Arriving in St Lucia he jumped on a plane back to Europe to pick up Magic Roundabout and sailed her alone across the Atlantic. One month later he was off again across the Atlantic to Europe on the 100ft Constance working as a mate. After the 2006 season in the Med he came back to his boat in Antigua and soon had a large circle of friends around him for a couple of hectic months of sailing and partying. Here he also met his girlfriend Tiree ,who later joined him in Tahiti.


Tom sailed in tandem with us from Antigua January 2006 to Bora Bora. Never being far away ,and always missed when we did not see him for a week or two. The kids always asked how long it was before they could spend time with Tom again. We hiked together and explored the reefs and seas. The kids went for sleepovers on Tom's boat and he gave them diving lessons. We had endless meals together and he always seemed to have time for Camilla and Colin.


On the morning of the 14.July Tom went for a spear fishing trip from his boat anchored outside the Bloody Mary restaurant in Bora Bora. We were all to go to the beach together, but seeing Tom out fishing ,we went on ahead leaving Tiree to wait for him on the boat. When he did not arrive after 2 hours we started worrying and organized a search. After combing the reefs and the islets, he was found by a diver at 22 meters deep. He was resting peacefully on the bottom close to Coconut. There was no signs of a struggle or injury. Tom will be buried near his home in Buckingham outside London. His boat will be taken to Auckland where Alice, his sister, will take over the boat. We will miss Tom so much, and take him in our hearts with us.


Tom as we will always remember him with a smile on his face

      Tom diving off Coconut in the middle of the Atlantic

Tom reading for Colin and Camilla on the Atlantic crossing

  Half way party across the Atlantic

Playing pool in Antigua with Colin

Exploring the jungle in Colombia


   Magic Roundabout anchored in the San Blas islands which Tom loved

Tom, Mark and Colin in Panama Cave exploring, Galapagos


       Teaching the kids to surf in Galapagos

Tom and Mark in the dinghy  Morning coffee


     From Manihi in the Tuamotus ,one of the highlights in Tom's journey


Camillla, Colin and Tom swimming off Coconut in Moorea

Tom looking intrepid on Moorea


Camilla and Tom on one of their riding trips   Alice, Tom's sister, and Camilla riding in Antigua

Tom and The Nuts onboard Magic Roundabout in Oponohue Bay, Moorea

  Rugby on the beach in Moorea


  Socialising onboard Coconut


      From Toms memorial outside Bloody Marys Restaurant and Yacht club in Bora Bora


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