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Photos from SY Coconut's library

Life on board - UK

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Steinar (Noravind) demonstrates his wonder cleaner (yes he did fall in..) Lesley and Camilla enjoying some sun motoring past Isle of Wight
Camilla taking a nap Snotty takes the helm
Camilla and Ida washing a dinghy to replenish their pocket money Colin hugs Chucky his favourite dog
The life of a galley slave Feeding Jan and Eric the two Llamas at Knightstone in Devon
Colin catching a "wave" Kon- Tiki model at the Maritime museum in Falmouth
Dinner onboard for Hurra And Lille Blå folks who arrived that day First day of school

Sailing towards the UK

Camilla with the "white cliffs" in the background

Colin and Camilla talking to the kids on "Noravind "

A tired pigeon hitching a ride

My 40 th          

A pebble beach in Dover

Noravind motoring with Zeebrugge in the background

Life on board

Things to do ashore


Friends and family visiting

Sights and sounds of....



Getting SY Coconut Ready

Waiting for the summer

Keel needs urgent attention

The whole underwater body of the boat was sanded down to gelcoat/steel. 7 coats of epoxy was applied before 4 coats of antifouling. In between a lot of filler was applied to smoothen the keel shape.

Colin ready to work on the boat

Everything was taken out, and then put back inn again.

Some of the trailerloads that went in.

It's all coming together and starting to look like a home

Coconut ready to leave Son in July 05



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