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Caribbean pics

Anchoring off Isle De Saints. Getting the dinghy ready to explore the island.

The Coconut beach and kids making a SY Coconut replica

Sailing up the coast of Guadelope. Exploring ashore. Visiting the botanical garden.

Caribbean wildlife...

Sun and lots of rain create heaven for anything that grows.

St. Lucia delights and the closing ceremony for the ARC

Last crew dinner before Tom heads home to the UK. Colin at last having a decent meal after 3200 miles!

Camilla and friends horseback riding on the beach

ARC kids party. Camilla and Ida Santa Claus

Trond and Jan on Island trip.

Around St Lucia ROdney Bay. Colin lived in the pool only coming out to breathe.

Relax you are in the Caribbean Man...


ARC closing ceremony. All kids recieved medal for their achievement.

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