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Enjoying Spain

Sailing to La Corona from Vivero

Colin in front of the postal lions in La Corona

Enjoying the beach in La Corona with the kids form Hurra, Noravind and Lille Blå

Sightseeing in La Corona. The Torres De Hercules, worlds oldest lighthouse, and tram

Colin has a friend sleeping over  Cape Finisterre

Things to do as we sail south - swim, school and working out on the foredeck

Isla Cies - climbing up to the lighthouse, Camilla and Jennifer having a rest,

Colin driving Jan Erics dinghy, Adele at anchor with Coconut in front, Camilla and Adele

England - Norway  football match on Isla Cies Beach (Christiania, Veto, Coconut, Wild Alliance)

Bayona harbour and fort

Crossing an ocean

Setting the Spinnaker

Dave reading comics for Colin

Dolphin watching



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