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  The WIld Alliance bunch

 Kids and Lesley in the sun

    Kids and volcano

      Lanzarote landscapes

Coconut with new propeller that gave us more speed sailing as well as motoring

Finally our old Volvo is to retire. A new speedy Yanmar has taken over. The difference is remarkable. She is faster by 1 knot, she uses half the fuel and is considerably less noisy.

School, on the dock


Sailing to the Sun

The boys getting ready to set sail....

...Visiting our "club" but claims to have met no bad-bad girls to their great disappointment

Not always such a beautiful sight

Finally setting sail after a week of waiting for weather and doctors


Dolphins are always entertaining

Mads and Magnus quickly got their sea legs and developed a relaxed attitude to life....

but discipline has to be maintained on a boat so when Mads was attempting to sing "high pitch" keel hauling was ordered

Mads and the kids in Cascais


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