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Suwarrow Yacht Club and nature reserve


John the caretaker and his wife Vero Two of the four boys

Club house - John and Vero's house   

Moonraker and Coconuts at the dock 

John wishing welcome to another "pot - luck" 

Les and Camilla Lesley and Veronica

  The kitchen

Activities in and around the Yacht Club

Visiting the bird island

Colin catching coconut crabs  Coconut crab ready to eat...


Rugby on the beach w. Moonraker boys, yachties and Johns boys


Suwarrow scenery. Moonraker in the background

Colin pose (again) Camilla and Molly with starfish

Camilla walking the reef. Coconut in the background


John playing and Camilla and Colin singingRuby Slippers girls and Jim doing a sing-a-long

Les and Trond  The Souls Calling crew; Jennifer and Shaun

Jim and Gina off Ruby Slippers  TheGoTo Go lot


Jam session: John, Jim and Mark (Sarava)  Camilla and Colin doing the haka


Camilla with friends in the tree house   The girls in the tree hut

Tom Neal memorial

Colin and the boys  Shaun and Jake

Colin and Trond posing


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