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Photos from SY Coconut's library -  November to X-mass and new year 06


L Camillas riding teacher saying goodbyes

Tom and Thierry, Camilla and Chrissy

Waving goodbye to Evrika


St Lucia

Pitons in St Lucia, Lesley and the kids posing in front of Petit Piton

Coconut at rest



X-mass eve onboard in Bequia Bequia house detail

  "hanging out" in the bar in Bequia  Bequia Beach

Grenadines beach - Meyraou


At the beach

Kyler showing the way to the nearest bar.

Pictures from our walk up to the highest peak in Cariacou


Sailing in to St Georges

A peaceful anchorage in Grenada. Exploring the hotel pool. THe hotel was closed down after a hurricane but the pool was still ok

Touring the island with the Fireflys

Fort in St Georges Dramatic countryside

Visiting the pools

The driver climbs the tree to let the girls taste Cocoa

Kyler in a meditative moment

James Bond posing with the Firefly kids












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