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Photos from SY Coconut's library

Lesley, Camilla, Colin and Trond posing on Coconut and onboard Ripple (105 ft). Pictures where taken to be used for our House-sitter ad. We will see if it helps.

Kids birthday party in Antigua w.representatives form SY Kosh Long, Wild Alliance, Kioma, Blase,


Visit from solo atlantic rower at Island Academy. She spent 105 days alone but kept her humour and spirits up.

At school, the flag post is an old mast. Jess preparing for school play

Portraits of yachtie-kids


Joe (10), Will (7), Nancy (3), Colin (7), Camilla (10)

A walk with Wild Alliance to Randevous Beach


Sailing to Guadelope to get our visas for Antigua re-newed

Camilla takes the helm, Lesley looks for round stones and we explore a tropical river.

Regatta for local boats in Deshaies, Guadelope

Everyday life...?

Kids participate in cookie baking at local restaurant and are having art lessons. Kids from Regina, Kosh Long

Visiting friends, beach life, Colin celebrating his 7 th.

Cowboy fest at the Riding Club

The beloved Donkey Claris& friends

Big Game fishing in Antigua. Camilla with Apple and Shaun. The fish is a Dorado bull.

The school welcoming Atlantic rowers. THe guys cant walk very well after 3 months on the big seas

Saying farwell to Desmond Nicholson. He sailed in to English Harbor in 1947 and is responsible for making English Harbor what it is today. Washing lady Mrs Baltimore dressed up for the occation.

Sailing on Adele

Jan Eric and Jennifer preparing Lunch, Colin taking pictures of Camilla and Lesley

Camilla and Lesley enjoying life onboard. Colin taking the helm and wathes TV with Jan Eric

Some of the hardworking staff. They made our time onboard very very enjoyable

Posing at the stern trying to look the part

Planning the days sail with Jan Eric and Andre. Jennifer and Ulrika reading for the kids.

Potraits of Adeleleaving English Harbor

Celebrating Australia day with Pattie and Nick

More life in Antigua



The getting ready for school sequence; Get dressed, go ashore in the dinghy, wait at the bus stop and finally onboard with Pigeon the bus driver


Afternoon fun at Neslons Dockyard. Including tropical rain!

Nelsons dockyard is a place of endless beauty and fascination

It is hard to beleive, but they rowed across the Atlantic in THIS!(

Visiting friends from Pina Colada. Patty and Nick a couple from Australia that we got to know.


 A selection of riding pictures. Camilla is doing great!

This is my office! A room with a table and two chairs..and most important internet access!

Antigua lilfestyle

Rendezvous beach

Climbing up to Shirleys Hights from the boat

New Year with Jan and family

Our nearest beach


Rastaman Georgie and his horse Liberator

Antigua X-mas

The boat dressed for x-mas with palm leaf x-mass tree

Kids opening presents from Farmor and Farfar (grandparents)

X-mas dinner with Jan Christophersen and family

X-mas day visit by Speed (old friend from Antigua) and more presents for the kids

Sailing into Green Island for a daytrip with friends

Colin snorkel for the first time. Both experience snorkelig on a reef for the first time. A fantastic experience. "like swimming in an aquarium daddy!"



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