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We have now been in St.Lucia for a week and thought it was time to write a bit about our time here before we move on to another island. We arrived a week ago as part of the ARC regatta , and during that time most of the boats have come in, with only 5 boats delayed. 10 yachts pulled out for various reasons, mostly due to  damage, so did not complete the regatta. It has been great fun meeting up with our friends and other families ,and the kids have been extremely busy playing and catching up with their friends. Many a discussion overheard of how many flying fish landed on deck, how big were the fish they caught, what did they do, whose gameboy got splashed and how much school did they manage to do!There was a christmas party organised for all the children at the swimming pool, with games and food, baloons and treats. I counted 30 children total.


Otherwise we have been tidying up the boat and relaxing in between. Tom left us two days after arriving ,as he is going back to England for christmas and then sailing across the Atlantic alone. Jans family arrived in St.Lucia and they are staying in a hotel for a few days before flying out to Antigua.


It is very hot here but the breeze blows gently all the time, so it is quite pleasant. The mountains rise  up steeply and are covered in lush vegetation. Every now and then a rain shower passes, but only lasts a few minutes. Its always a mad rush to close the hatches and take in shoes and other things. Camilla and Ida and the 3 Kushlong girls went horse -riding on the beach the other day. They took apples and carrots for the horses, but the horses did not like them. The lady said they did not know what the fruits were,as apples are not grown on the island. She said they preffered bananas and mangos!! I guess they are not called Creole horses for nothing.


The prize giving for the regatta was held last night and there were many prizes and trophies to be awarded. The racing division and cruising division had several groups, so it took a long time. There was a prize for biggest fish and one boat had landed a huge Blue marlin, so they walked off with first prize. There was oldest particpant, youngest participant, oldest boat, prettiest boat, last boat to finish,most sociable crew and on and on it went. All the children were awarded a certificate and a medal. It was great to see them all up on stage, smiling so proudly after sailing many miles at sea.


Tomorrow we head up north to Martinique to stock up on food and then on to Antigua where we will be for Christmas and New Year. To anyone reading this, we wish you a very Happy Christmas and all the best for 2006!

News letters

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