School starts again




(Lesley writing)

Just to catch you up on things happening other than funny engines and bendy rigging. Everyone onboard was aware that school started today, only, we were out visiting some friends the whole of Sunday and came back late in the evening. I woke up early and desperately tried to find all the books I needed, paper, pens etc.Of course, all the school books were under Colins bunk, so they had to be found. Sharpeners, rulers and other things had found their way into stranger places and I felt terribly disorganised.But I did manage to change so as not to show up in pyjamas. Then came waking up the kids and Camilla asked why she had to get up so early because she thought she was still on holiday. I explained that if every day is "holiday", then it eventually feels like a normal day and there is nothing special about it.Colin was up early and eagerly awaiting starting "school", having changed and already eaten breakfast. I rang the bell at 9am ,as we have a bell onboard and have never found any other use for it.

We sat down with his and hers curriculum from our local school in Norway,all neatly printed out  and covering the next year of schoolwork. Camillas seemed quite straight forward and her week would begin with language skills and biology.  Colin, being a first grader seemed to have it a bit more difficult. It was written,"" Get to know your school". We looked at each other.Next," get to know the other students" .We looked at each other."Get to know your neighbourhood". That we could do. A quick look out the porthole. Ah ,yes, this week Falmouth,England. We would take a walk later. In the meantime, Camilla had sorted out which books she needed and was just about to start, when...the engine man pitched up. There was a flurry of activity and some floorboards were pulled up from around us and after a few minutes the boat started to smell of diesel and we could hear spanners and screwdrivers at work. I glanced up at Camilla and saw tears whelling up in her eyes and a look of complete dissapointment on her face. She sat there patiently waiting for them to finish and I thought to myself, what a catastrophic start to school onboard! After awhile things returned to normal and we were able to continue. I had to go to the chiropractor in the middle of the morning, but left Trond in charge. He gave them two breaks! However, when I returned they were still working and Colin had since moved on to a mathematics workbook . 

One of the things the kids wanted to try out, was a night watch.  Camilla sat with me one night from 8pm to 10 pm. She had a walkman on and was humming along to her favourite tunes. I have to say , that occasionally, I heard some strange sounds and thought it must be the engine playing up again. Colin awoke the next morning at 4am and sat himself comfortably in the cockpit with a blanket. He asked Trond what was he actually supposed to watch and he also wondered why there was a half moon , but not a half sun! The one day they were playing with these small, plastic figures in the aft cabin and I overheard them saying that the figures were going on holiday to Cuxhaven! Now this is the type of place one only goes to out of pure neccesity. Camilla and Ida decided they were going to work for money , as they both are saving to buy a horse.........! Anyway, they made these notices to hang up in the marina and they read "WE WASH DINGHYS AND DECKS:IDA AND CAMILLA BERTH K12:WE DECIDE PRICE! There were no enquiries.







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