Antigua September - october 06  


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Finally Coconut is lifted back in the water

The boat was put back in before the mast was stepped.

Enjoying the surf at Half Moon Bay

Colin and Camilla learns how to Body surf.


Lesleys hobbie is to paint stones and make them into Stone Cats, or horses. Have a look.

This one is made by Colin

Riding in Antigua

Camilla poses with her beloved Prince and goes for Gold.

Colin walks the course and in fine style as he concludes his foult free round

The girls relaxing after the competition

Camila on a out-ride with a friend to Randevous beach

Hiking in Antigua

Hiking up to Monks Hill with friends. Mu caonks Hill is the oldest fortification in Falmouth Harbour. Build to house Woman and Childen in case of a French attac on the island. As you can see from the inscription it was wel underway in 1731. The close ups of flowers and plants are taken by Colin.


On our walks we always find old pottery and sometimes bullets, pipes and buttons the soldiers have left a couple of hundred years ago.


Hiking with two friends through the rain forest to the ocean. The start of the hike was at a old water reservoir. This 4 hour hike took us through indiginous forests and old plantations.


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