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 It is hard to think that it is less than a month since we left NZ. Camilla and Colin are back at school. That is they go to a new school now not the one they used to go to. The new school is only 5-10 min walk away from our house and is a local government school. They used to go to private schools before which made us have to drive and pay a lot, as well as made them odd in the eyes of Norwegians. It is just not the done thing. Also coming back we wanted them to learn Norwegian well and integrate into the local community. Camilla said the other day that she felt ready to move on though. She had submerged herself into the local community now, learned how the natives lived and was ready for some other place to visit! Colin was very enthusiastic the first day at school but could not quite understand why he had to go again. "is this how my life is going to be; get up, eat, go to school, come home, eat, sleep, get up, go to school...That's not a life Dad!" I hate to think what we have done to these kids..

They both enjoy school, to some degree. They have met up with old friends from the houses next door, and met a couple of new ones. They have also lost friends when they found they had developed so differently. The kids here are very into electronics and shopping malls! The kids carry the latest iPods and mobile phones and have all the computer games at home. Then for their spare time they go to the shopping malls (that has grown to twice their size since we left). Our kids cant relate to this, thankfully.

Camilla and Colin are ahead of their classes in all subjects apart from Norwegian. So that is good. Home schooling really is efficient use of time! We still speak English at home though but both of them has made great progress just going to school and meeting friends. They are however bored a lot. I try to tell them that if they are bored it is because they are boring. But it does not help the fact that school ends every day at 1300 or 1400 hours and there are no kids at home, no parents at home (they all work) and no activities until 17 -1800 in the afternoon (mostly run by parents). There is absolutely nothing happening in the afternoon, I guess this is why the kids watch TV, play computer games and go to the shopping mall. Have to add to this that it is pitch dark outside, icy and cold. So no running around in the garden.

Camilla has of cause found a riding stable and got started with lessons. She goes there every Friday, rides in a group of 12, enjoys the horses, think the lessons are all run wrong and cries because the horses have to do indoor riding, three times a day and get no outride.

Colin has started rock climbing. There is a complex close to our house with an indoor football field, handball fields and a huge indoor climbing wall. He enjoys it. He will also start Theatre School on Monday. That is going to be very interesting! "Ticks and Fleas" are to take over Norway!

We are picking up our new dog next weekend. She is a 8 week Jack Russell Terrier and she is currently living in Sweden. It is a 8 hour drive to the farm where she was born. The farm has a guest house and they have horses and sound like very nice people. So we are driving down and spending the weekend there. Camilla and Colin are wildly excited. Lesley is too but she is trying to control herself a little.

Our Jack Russell Terrier NuNu

Lesley has been offered a job in the Montessori Kindergarten where she used to work. She will start in a weeks time and work from 0900-1300 every day which gives her time with the kids in the afternoons. She is looking forward to it. I am right back into my world of work. It is enjoyable, but also not. I do miss being with the kids and Lesley. Now I see them for a couple of hours in the morning and in the evening, but we don't get to DO things together as we used to. I miss that a lot and I am so thankful that we had this wonderful adventure together. My book is now fully booked until summer and I have started filling up the autumn. Unfortunately that means I will work full time until July this year, but I hope to work less in the autumn.

Our Coconut is now on her way south to Sydney. All paperwork, and there is a lot of it, is done and she is ready to go home. Moonraker will be loaded onto the same ship and the two of them will travel together across the ocean. Unfortunately they are going back the way we came so there will be no circumnavigation for her... It is not clear however where she will be discharged. The shipping company want us to use Vlissingen in Holland and not Ipswich, UK. For us it is the same, more or less, so it all boils down to marina berths. We still plan to pick her up in July and sail her home during the summer.

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