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Here are some of the sailing related links we find useful and interesting. Have a look for yourself. everything you want to know about boats and cruising. Great books, great boats, great advice THE guide to cruising the world. Every detail on weather, routes, countries to visit and all the practicalities. Also a great collection of links and articles is a one-stop resource for cruising yachts worldwide; it provides information for the experienced blue water sailor as well as for those who are planning their first passage.  Our weather forcasters providing customised weatherforcasts as well as free weather charts for animation of latest weather Try this one for a really good look at what the weather is doing lets you download grib files. VERY VERY useful. Want to learn more about the weather? Take a look at this very comprehensive home page. Our self steering that sailes the boat only using windpower The yard that build CoCoNuT once upon a time Tom sailed across the atlantic with us. Now he is on his way across on his own. He is sailing a beautiful Sweden 34 Our friends in a Cat on their way home to Norway (Norwegian site) The mother of all boat link pages. Have a look and prepare to spend the day! An US based weather site with bags of info world wide for weather updates in the Caribbean. Interesting page especially now when the storms and hurricanes are lining up.





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