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7 November 2005 - Lanzarote (Lesley writing)

The kids in Lanzarote

Finally, we are all reunited again after several weeks of being spread all over europe! I spent 3 weeks in Cascais resting my back after the operation. My mom very kindly flew with the kids back to Norway to deliver them to Tronds folks. She told me afterwards that on the plane trip they experienced some turbulence and camilla said,"Granny, we must be flying over the Bay of Biscay!" The kids got a shock as the weather was freezing cold and they had snow the first day and ended up having snowball fights. Camilla was able to visit her school and friends, and got to check on Caramel , the rabbit, who seems to be doing just fine. Halloween was also celebrated whilst there, and they managed to borrow and make costumes at the last minute.

Ready for Halloween

While in the hotel in Cascais I was lucky to have some friends from the marina come and vivit. Bjørn, Maria and George were still there, and the two Canadian boats, Masala and Chinook. One night Maria and some other ladies came and made a delicious dinner for me and we sat up till early hours of the morning exchanging boat stories and having a good laugh. I walked everyday and rested otherwise, and my back is improving very slowly.I cannot carry anything for another month, which leads to another lucky event... that I lost all my luggage on the way here.Yes, just about all my clothes are gone and my address book which I am most sad about.(Please e-mail me your postal addresses as then I can at least send you a post card!!) The airport have no idea what happened to my bag and the fact that I travelled on a public holiday might explain things.

I think I have to write a book after this trip called "Disasters while cruising". Anyway, the main thing is that we are all OK and that plans are more a less on track. One thing is for sure and that is there is never a dull moment. Trond said who told him cruising was "stressless and cheap". (We are having a competition with "Wild Alliance", our english friends, to see who can have the most things go wrong. )

Lanzarote is a pleasant place to be on a boat and the Rubicon Marina is fantastic. Good facilities for lifting boats and a nice waterfront with cafes and small shops, a pool and tennis courts etc. The landscape is made up mostly of volcanoes and desert, and it hardly ever rains here. It is extremely hot and dry and all the kids on boats here tend to meet at the pool in the afternoons to cool off and play.Norwegian boats here at the moment are Veto, Christiania, Aprikos, and Galadriel Quite a few ARC boats are here having last minute work done before going to Gran Canaria. The ARC regatta starts on the 20 november, so we do not have much time. The new engine has been fitted and now we are waiting for the propeller to arrive. It will be nice to meet up again with Noravind and a few other boats who we last saw in Portugal.

Trond happy about his new propeller. Coconut on the hard.

School out in the open. Preparing a play about Nemo the fish.

Lesley and the kids pose in front of the haunting landscape

Open fire cooking from a volcano

Colin not too happy about the geysir

Landscape shots

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