Photo Gallery

 Photos from our adventures. This gallery starts June 06. Hope you enjoy them.

Colin and Camilla at sports day

Camilla wins Idol competiton!

Camilla, Amber and Sammy wins Island Academy Idol competiton for their song Summer Nights from Grease!

Here are some of the other competitiors.

The nuts have moved on land. We are house sitting for two weeks. The house is on top of a hill overlooking English Harbor. Here some pictures of the view as well as the house from our beach.

Coconut is having her decks restored. This involves a lot of screws and a lot of epoxy. All wooden plugs comes out. New screws are sunk in and new plugs put in place. All glued together with West System Epoxy.

Kids taking Tennis lessons

Camilla and Colin are taking Tennis lessons after school. They quite enjoy it apart from having to pick up the balls!

Camilla is partaking in a singing competition at her school. It is a bit like a mini Idol competition. She is not very ambitious but her friends are. Here practising onboard Coconut.

Long Weekend sailing to Montserrat - 03 - 05.June

Sailing off to Montserrat from Antigua with Chaz and Chay two friends of Camilla and Colin. Montserrats volcano is active and had a major eruption two weeks ago. A small tsunami was flushing into harbours in Antigua.

Driving into the exclusion zone from the green north was a chilling experience. Ash everywhere covering everything. The villages we drove past was all ghost towns. Houses and cars left to erode in the sulphurous ash.

Pictures from a house we visited on top of the mountain Middle Ground. Everything was covered with ash. But here and there life would find its way through the ash like around the chair I found inside someone's house.

Stopping at The Last Coconut in Paradise on our way back. Kids spending some time drawing and discussion their experiences.

The kids enjoying a bit of sailing in the way back to Antigua.

From the beach at Jolly Harbour Antigua after our return.


Colin helping Nick clean the dinghy before they head off south to ABC islands and Panama

Sports fishing competition in Antigua. This one for Marlin. Anything less than 350 pounds (150 kg) is released. Have a look at these reels.

Lesley is back at producing Stone Cats. She picks round stones and paints them. They are very popular and makes a great gift.

One of the yacht captains had a car accident. He is paralysed from the hips and down. The Antiguan community gets together to raise money to help towards medical bills. 20 000 dollars was collected during the evening.

Colin and Camilla sail Nada a rebuild 6mR. She is Antigua's pride and joy for the moment. She is sold and will spend her life travelling between The Caribbean and Europe in a custom build container to join Classic Yacht races.

Rasta Mann Georgie and his favourite horse

Colin, having Shingles, stayed at home on the boat with me. Here from the internet cafe. Doing his favourite games and looking for Lego to add to his whish list.