Picture Gallery - San Blas Islands Panama February 2007

Kuna Indians

Some of the friendliest people we have met are the Kunas. They live in the San Blas islands and farm coconuts, sell handcraft and fish

Kuna bar tender   Kuna lobster fisher man in front of his cabin

Kuna Mola sellers posing onboard Coconut

Kuna fruit and vegetable market

Kuna woman preparing coconuts for dinner

  Kuna children playing with Camilla and Colin

Mola- Kuna Handcraft

The dug-out canoe used by the Kuna is called a Ulu. It is made from a single log but made wider by steam. They are used for transport, fishing, and still powered by the wind. We got to go sailing on one..


The Kuna island

Visiting Mr G on his island

The Bar

Shopping at the main island

An "Expedition" into the jungle



Colion and Camilla Puppy watch

Daily life

School Laundry in the well

Sailing on to Porto Bello