Pictures from Australia- (more pictures coming)

Norwegian boats celebrating

Blue Marlin , Celin, Selene and Coconut together in Bundaberg

Visiting Australia Zoo

   Dingo experience

  Patting a Wombat  Wombat

Koala  Koala with attitude

Jørn and Eli (Selene) Komodo Dragon

Lesley and "Skippy" Camilla and "Skippy"  Colin and a friend

Kangaroos Family portrait  Kengoo


Colin playing with model of largest Crocodile Feeding the Elephants


Burnett Heads

Camilla and riding buddy ouside the house

The beach at Burnett Heads right in front of the house we rented

Colin and Henry trying to look cool with no smiles

Camilla at Melon farm - three for one dollar (5 kroner) Camilla and Chenae

Turtle egg laying

Sean Camilla Camilla and her friends Chenae and Tori Colin and Sean

   Kids watching

Turle being measured and tagged Camuflaging her nest

  Kids helping relocate and count eggs

Bundaberg Marina

Camilla and her friends Chenae and Tori at the marina

Coconut ready to go into the water after her mini-refit

Sailing south to Brisbane

  Fraser Island the world largest sand island.

   Mooloolaba Lunch with SY Riff Raff


Water world - a fun day!

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