Pictures from Tahiti

Appraoaching the south coast of Tahiti. The surf is up and the whole coast is covered with spray from the reef.

Norwegian Saga 27 in Tahiti. I hope it got here on a ship... We met one in Curacao as well.

Lesley on a pilgrimage to the famous surf spot Teahupoo.

Kids having arts and crafts with Paddy off Pina Colada

Camilla at the market in Papeete

Even the teddys have to be washed while we where in the marina

FIlling up Coconut with tax free fuel helped by a real Tahitian Vahine

Picking fruits from someones truck on one of our hitch hiking trips

  A classic shot shows the size of some polynesians. Sorry it is blurred. It was sort of shot from the hip

Moorea seen from Marina Taina close to Papeete.


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