Pictures from the Tuamotos - Manihi

The Lagoon

  The day we arrived Coconut and Manatee

Going for lunch at the resort

Lesley posing at the resort beach

Laundry at Ferdnands house Lesley shopping The main street

The bakery School with Rebecca from Manatee

Visiting Ferdinand and Stella

Going to church

Lunch with Ferdnand and Stella   The boys

The "James Bond" pose    Tom's pockets being filled with pearls


Ferdnand Stella

Colin and Jake playing Bionicles. Camilla and Mikela practising the guitar

Visiting the Sector

Rugby on the beach  Preparing Palm Harts

Fishing and fish out in the "sector" including sharks

Camilla and Colin swinging from a palm

Trond swimming with a Manta ray 

Colin and Ferdnand scaring fish into the net.

Extracting Copra from the Coconuts

Fishing expeditions

Unicorn fish Posing with the BIG gear Tiger shark

Ben catching "Manahi" Trond w.catch

Visiting Ferdnand and Stellas pearl farm

Camilla and Stella making a "pearl tree" decoration

Cooking the Polynesian way - a hole in the ground and some palm leafs

Coconut crab Dinner at the pearl farm

Vaitea, Ferdnands son and child Colin and Camilla relaxing



Colin in his Star Wars outfit ready to tour the lagoon Rock and Roll!

Wine production in the Tuamotus! How French can you get without being in France?

The local hotel at night



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