Pictures from Vanuatu

The bay at Port Vila At the outdoor trade show

Kids playing From the market

Totem at Port Vila Museum Colin outside Chiefs hut Our guide Eddie playing and singing for us

Sand drawings - a Melanesian written language

Colin playing chess with Jørn on Selene Camilla and Colin posing with Alex and Clair on Fafnar

Round The Island trip

WW2 Museum....Coke bottles left behind and scrap from planes and machinery

Coconut plantations Lunch with the Fafner girls

Camilla enjoying a Coconut drink Surrounded by Vanuatu savages...

Paddling up the river to Melanesian village Blowing the Conch horn to wish us welcome

Vanuatu dancers


Riding in Vanuatu

Camilla on an Arab called Egypt Norwegian Chiropractor for horses at work


Visiting the Secret Garden

    Camilla and Colin having a go with the inhabitants

FLying foxes that the kids got to pat

  Posing with friends Shaun of Sowelu and Ellie of Clair


Posting postcards under water

Camilla posting letters at the underwater post office




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