Pictures Galapagos - Marquiesas


Life forms @ sea

Pilot Whales mid pacific

  Dolphins close to Nuku Hiva

Passing Talula motoring in smooth seas.

The one and only fish we where able to land in three weeks! We did have another two biting our lure but they where far too big. Think they where Malin or Swordfish


Life forms on-board;

Magnus ready for sundowners and snacks    Innovation competition entries

  Camilla and Colin has ADHD hour - lots of music and wild dancing to get the energy out

Camilla getting guitar lessons from Magnus Colin doing dishes

Magnus reading Camillas Wendy magazines

Colin and Camilla eating freshly baked Danish Pastries

Camilla ready to hit Nuku Hiva, Colin and Les sharing a moment and an iPod, Camilla



The captain very pleased to be sailing spinnaker at last  Jib poled out using the main boom

Repairs being done; a leaky hatch recieves the silicone treatment and a new piece is fabricated out of various parts to work as a spinnaker pole attachment

Trond in the engine room checking engine alignment


    Rainshowers and general clean up

    Collecting water

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