Pictures from Marquiesas

Nuku Hiva - Taiohae Life in and around the bay

Looking for the anchorage View of the bay and ashore

School is sometimes held in the strangest classrooms. Here ashore in Taiohae

  Camilla and friends

Camilla and the twins from Ruby Slippers

Police with flower in their ears - true Polynesian style  Riding in Nuku Hiva

Rebecca and Ben (Manatee) Mark and Tom (Magic Roundabout) Jessy and Molly (Ruby Slippers)

Massive rainsquall - there is a reason why the island is so beautiful!

Polynesian style paddling competiton

Dramatic scenery in Daniels Bay Nuku Hiva

Camilla scouting the way into the bay

  Walking in Daniels Bay

  A phone boot that actually worked here in the wilderness.... The local church

  Coconut with sun awnings up

Kids playing. Canoeing with the girls on Ruby Slippers in the river

Ferrying water in Jerry cans to fill up Coconut after crossing

Relaxing in Anaho Bay Nuku Hiva

Hiking in Anaho bay Nuku Hiva

Anaho bay scenery

Helping with the Noni harvest a medical plant grown in all of Polynesia

Some of the inhabitants took it easy...    Copra drying


Tiki's and Marae

Daniels Bay

Taiohae bay


Historical site outside Taiohae

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