Pictures Panama


Shelter Bay Marina

From our stay in Shelter Bay where the Jungle started right at the end of the dock


Howler Monkey and Gatto (A suoth american Badger/ant eater)

Three Toed Sloth

Trip to the Chagres river that provides water to the Canal. Posing at old Spanish fort


Pictrues from Panama Canal

In Colon doing paperwork    Meeting up with Berge Viking

The Admeasurer ariving and finding how large Coconut is

Entering the locks at night with the line handlers high abow

Camilla and Colin celebrating the start of our transit

Our pilot

The locks

Moored to a buoy on the lake for the night

Sailing across the lake

Crew shots

Tourist tour boat crowding to take pictures of the yachts

And the doors open into the Pacific!


Taking Magic Round about across the isthmus on Colins Birthday


Anchored in Balbo stocking the boat for the pacific


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